EXOS Presents: Data Course Bundle

EXOS Presents: Data and ESD & EXOS Presents: Data and Recovery

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EXOS and Intel have partnered to bring you two informative courses on the importance and benefits of using data to impact performance. In this two-course bundle, we’ll cover how wearables and data can help your clients recover better and explore how to use wearables and data to make better, more efficient Energy Systems Development programs. 

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

Data and ESD: 

  • The science behind ESD and adaptation in clients
  • A systematic approach to ESD
  • Using data to create personalized ESD training sessions for clients
  • How to create, implement, and adjust ESD training sessions and programs using data

Data and Recovery:

  • How recovery plays an integral role in clients’ success
  • Recovery as a limiting factor to success
  • Data conceptualization model to help you organize data
  • Context and clarity to data collected by you and your clients
  • Integrating data into your practice to drive positive outcomes for your clients

Course Content

EXOS Presents: Using Data to Drive Results in Energy Systems Development
EXOS Presents: Data and ESD
EXOS Presents: Using Data to Help Facilitate Recovery
EXOS Presents: Data & Recovery