EXOS Presents: Using Data to Help Facilitate Recovery

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Today’s consumer is at the center of an explosion of wearable devices and data marketed toward meeting health and fitness goals. However, not everyone is using this technology to their advantage. A 2016 EXOS survey found that 50 percent of respondents didn’t use wearable devices to collect data while training. Of the types of data respondents wanted, sleep tracking and management was among the top three.

As a fitness professional, you’re in a unique position to not only help your clients understand the benefits of wearable technology but also to use that data to develop insights into your clients’ habits and further customize their training. To help you do this, EXOS and Intel have collaborated to create a course that helps you navigate and organize data to facilitate better recovery in your clients. By doing this, your clients will be more energized, resilient, successful, and able to uncover a world of possibilities they never knew existed. 

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

  • How recovery plays an integral role in clients’ success
  • Recovery as a limiting factor to success
  • Data conceptualization model to help you organize data
  • Context and clarity to data collected by you and your clients
  • Integrating data into your practice to drive positive outcomes for your clients

Course Procedure

  1. View the course content. 
  2. Review the Learning Objectives and the Check For Learnings to ensure you've absorbed all the material. 
  3. Complete the module review questions to prepare for the exam. 
  4. Proceed to the exam. 

Course Content

EXOS Presents: Using Data to Help Facilitate Recovery
EXOS Presents: Data & Recovery