EXOS Presents: Using Data to Drive Results in Energy Systems Development

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Unlike traditional steady-state cardio, Energy Systems Development uses interval training to upgrade your clients’ fitness levels. As a fitness professional, you can take advantage of this method and leverage the data gained from wearable technology and/or exercise equipment to influence programming and improve your clients’ performance. This course, created in collaboration with Intel, helps you design Energy Systems Development programs using a systematic approach. You’ll learn how to use data to quantify and qualify the work being done, ensuring that your clients are constantly improving. 

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

  • The science behind Energy Systems Development and adaptation in clients
  • A systematic approach to Energy Systems Development
  • Using data to create personalized Energy Systems Development training sessions for clients
  • How to create, implement, and adjust Energy Systems Development training sessions and programs using data

Course Procedure

  1. View the course content. 
  2. Review the Learning Objectives and the Check For Learnings to ensure you've absorbed all the material. 
  3. Complete the module review questions to prepare for the exam. 
  4. Proceed to the quiz. 

Course Content

EXOS Presents: Using Data to Drive Results in Energy Systems Development
EXOS Presents: Data and ESD