EXOS Presents: Using Data to Individualize Group Training

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We know that group training is fun, it’s social, and it works, but what if it could also be more personal? In this course, we show you how to strategically gather performance metrics so you can make group training more effective for your clients and improve their results. You’ll learn how to use wearables and data to influence session design and track your clients’ progress, ensuring they keep improving and stay engaged with their goals long after class ends.

Learning Objectives

  • A method for integrating data into group training without interrupting the normal flow of a session
  • Identifying types of data that can influence performance and session design
  • Using data to track stress loads and functional states to modify training programs as needed
  • How clients can use data to improve training at home and during group sessions

Course Procedure

  1. View the course content. 
  2. Review the Learning Objectives and the Check For Learnings to ensure you've absorbed all the material. 
  3. Complete the module review questions to prepare for the exam. 
  4. Proceed to the quiz. 

Course Content

EXOS Presents: Using Data to Individualize Group Training
EXOS Presents: Data and Group Training